My Haitian Valentine’s

I got a few new pics the other day from Licia and they are awesome.  I miss these guys dearly and can not wait until May to get my eyes and hands on them.  Amos looks so happy in these pictures and I can almost hear his belly laugh through the pictures.




7 responses to “My Haitian Valentine’s

  1. Simply adorable!

  2. So precious!! I know how these pictures of our angels far away just melt your heart. I just got a disc of pics for Savannah and I am loving it!!

  3. they have the most beautiful smiles, Jamie!!

  4. They are precious! We are adopting twins from Haiti and are in IBESR.

  5. How great is Amos’s shirt! I need to get one of those for my little punk.

  6. Wow Jamie, they are too cute! Story does have a lot of hair! It was good to get to see them now I can place a face with a name. They appear to be very happy babies! A perfect addition.

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