What?  Can this be true?

Tonight Mandy listed this on her blog.   I didn’t believe it and had to go and see it for myself.  Could New Kids on the Block really be coming back?

I was in love with these guys!

Go check it out for yourself here:  www.nkotb.com 

7 responses to “NKOTB

  1. I heard about this on The View. I learn so much from that show…Is that sad?

  2. I recently heard this as well and also loved them..they were my first concert ever!! So funny 🙂 I am glad there is someone else who will admit they loved them back in the good ole days!!

  3. i am in love with them too.

  4. Heard it too! I can’t WAIT to see them up and singing again! I love NKOTB! I had all those big buttons and posters and everything! whoo hooo! Can’t wait to see if Joey Mac can still hit those high notes on “Please Don’t Go Girl” 🙂

  5. WHat! that is nuts. seriously. I was in love with these guys too! Had the door poster that I kissed and went to their concert for my birthday right before 6th grade! Don’t think I’d be all into them now though.

  6. can you believe it? 🙂

  7. I love them now. as well as loving them when they first came out. My favorite
    N.K.O.T.B guy is Joseph McIntyre then, as well as now. Therefore I hope it is true
    that they are really going to get back together again. Because I feel that the world needs them now more then we ever needed them before.

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