Story’s momma.

While I was in Haiti one of my favorite things to experience there was to meet Story’s momma. It is something that I was super excited about, but also super nervous about. It was kinda like my first meeting with Deacon’s first mom. I will never forget meeting her in her hospital room. It was very awkward and weird.

Licia had asked Story’s mom to come and visit so that we could meet and she could see the baby. Licia has a great relationship with her because her oldest son Carmelo and Story have the same first mom.

Meeting Story’s mom was priceless for me and something that I am so grateful to have for myself and most importantly for Story.  I will be able to show her pictures of them together and tell her about our meeting and about the family she came from.  I also hope to continue this relationship and have Story grow up getting to see her mom in Haiti every few years.  Won’t that be awesome.

I hurt inside knowing that we don’t have this with Amos.  I would give anything to know his mom and him know her.  We don’t even know if she is even alive or not.

Here are two favorite pics of me with Story and her mom.  This first one is a favorite picture of mine from the whole trip because Amos is in my lap.  I didn’t go get him and put him in my lap for this picture, he wanted in my lap.  That doesn’t seem like a big deal to most of you, but for me on this trip it was amazing.  We had come so far and he was initiating contact with me and that was a huge deal for us.


Then here is Story’s mom, me and my sweet baby girl Story.  Don’t laugh at her hair b/c it was half done.  One of the ladies that takes care of her was fixing her hair and I had to interrupt for a photo opportunity!  I know Story will look at this when she’s older and wonder why I couldn’t have waited for her hair to be done.  🙂


This upcoming Saturday Story will be 11 weeks old.  I love you sweet girl!


5 responses to “Story’s momma.

  1. you have the 4 cutest kids I’ve ever seen! I can’t wait to meet Story & Amos and for all of our kids to play together some day! How awesome that you got to meet Story’s birthmom. That is something I pray for with our kids. I love the pictures & all that they represent 🙂

  2. What great treasures you have!

  3. reunionwritings

    That’s really wonderful that you are committed to having a more open adoption.

  4. Beautiful!

  5. I have a few precious photos from my meeting with Owen’s Sudanese birth mom and am so grateful for the opportunity I had to spent that time with her and learn from her about her life and country. I wish we had more contact but she has not chosen that for now … what a gift these photos and the accompanying “story” will be for Story!

    I have something else to share with you and will do so in an e-mail soon. (:

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