Laura’s off to Haiti

Pray for Laura as she travels to Haiti to desperately try and get her kids home.  Visit her site and give her some encouragement.  She is not in an easy spot.  I admire her so much and look forward to when she brings her kids home!

3 responses to “Laura’s off to Haiti

  1. All you Haiti people are all interconnected in Blogland. Laura has links on her site to a few of the Evansville families I was telling you about. Remember I was super excited, because I found like 9 families in Evansville adopting from Haiti from the same orphanage. I think we were talking about this the last time we went to the zoo. Hmmm…we need to get together again!

  2. We live in PAP at a Mennonite mission called Blue Ridge. There is a man here who can help you get your adoption through.He is a native and is trustworthy and has been known by our people for a long time. Nancy Overholt

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