143 million orphans

I found this video on The Weimer’s blog. They have recently brought three children home to their forever family from Ethiopia.

2 responses to “143 million orphans

  1. But the reality is these countries only allow so many orphans to be adopted each year. And then when you have unicef influencing the countries to keep children in their birth land the governments get very strict with who can adopt and how many. I see this happening to Haiti and it has already happened in China. China might have millions of orphans but only around 6000 get adopted. And it is not due to lack of potential parents…..This is not to discourage IA adoption….Just something I see… I wouldn’t be surprised if somewhere down the road IA closes all it doors…..But there is still all those foster children who need families and programs to sponsor children….


  2. Videos like these are amazing. There is one for every country. We are adoptiong from Ukraine, and it breaks my heart to see the thousands of children that are without families.

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