Dossier drama

As some of you know when I arrived home from Haiti I heard that some of our dossier was not right and wouldn’t be able to be used.  It was not that big of a deal, because we could just have our Psychologist retype our letters and leave out a few things at the top.  Not a big deal, but just a pain to redo and wait on.  So, today I received the letter back from the state with the State authentications and was about to FedEx it to Chicago when I realized I didn’t have new translations for these letters.  UGH!  How could I have already forgotten the way things must be done.

So, the letter will not be getting to Chicago tomorrow, but more likely Friday.  I’m hoping that I can get these new letters scanned and sent to our translator and get the translations back quickly since not much needs to be changed.


One response to “Dossier drama

  1. ok, call me tomorrow so we can set up a date to visit … i am praying for you all and especially for Amos and Story … As I watch you and my SIL wait I can feel your pain … That feeling of “I almost can’t breathe” … Know you are not alone and that no feeling you have is wrong … The emotions are going to run high this year … Some people will get it, but most won’t … It will be lonely, but you are not alone … Love Ya Girl !!!!

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