Ponderings while cleaning ….

Here are the thoughts in my mind today as I clean from top to bottom ….

  • Where can I find bath toys that don’t hold water?
  • Where can I find something to hold bath toys that doesn’t hold water, break after 2 months, and doesn’t cost a fortune?
  • What could I do with all the change I pull out of pockets while doing laundry?
  • Why does the toilet bowl cleaner holder gross me out? There is always water standing there from the brush. Can’t there be a better way to store that brush?
  • Why do I love the smell of clean? I hear that the smell is not really clean though it is just a lot of chemicals filling your air. How can we have safe air and clean?
  • Toilets gross me out and that is why I refuse to throw up in them. I use plastic bags!

Okay so technically I didn’t clean from top to bottom today but tomorrow is a new day and more cleaning!  The funny thing about cleaning is that it is NEVER done!  That is why I hate to do it because it will be done again and again and again.


8 responses to “Ponderings while cleaning ….

  1. We have a big jar that we put change in. We dig quarters out to go to the car wash, but mostly we let it fill up. When it gets full, we cash it in and do something fun or put it in the bank.

    I’m with you on the toilet brush holder. I’ve always heard to put a mixture of bleach and water in the holder, so it’s not just a mess of germs in there. With such small children, I haven’t ever done it. Too scared to leave bleach on the ground, although I might rather them get a hold of bleach water than the nasty drip water. Ugh.

    We have a little net thing that suctions to the walls of the bath for the bath toys. It works great and was cheap. I just got all the toys out of there today, put them in the bathtub, and sprayed them with Clorox Anywhere Spray. Made me feel better at least about the stuff they’re constantly putting in their mouths in the bath!

    I’m with you on the organization. I wish someone would come do it for me. My mom is amazing at it. I didn’t inherit that gene. If we had a Container Store nearby, I think I’d go and spend a ton of money, then come home and be completely overwhelmed. I’d just have to get my mom to come over and do it with me!

    Good luck! We have our house on the market currently, for about a week, and it’s so hard to keep it in showing condition with little boys!

  2. My sister has this steamer and it only uses water, but it gets hot enough to kill ALL the bacteria. They are pricy, but great for the environment. Her husband finally bought her one when he saw that it took all of the grime off of his tire rims. You should check it out. http://www.sargentsteam.com/

  3. Let me know when you figure out what to do with the bath toys!! We have thrown several of them away lately b/c of the nasty moldy smell. It’s SO gross. All the cute bath toys hold water!

  4. we always used those nets that suction to the bath wall also! They worked great! good luck!

  5. Hello again! Bath toy storage, go to target.com, look under baby and bath. There’s a Boon Frog Scoop. It scoops up toys and has holes in it so you can rinse them off under clean water and then hang it up to drain. It also comes with foam letters and numbers that don’t hold water. I plan on getting one of these once my little one is big enough for a real bath. I think they run about $25. The Anywhere spray is great! Target also has that on sale- 2 pack for $5 right now. As for the change, we keep a flower vase around and just throw change in. Once we have filled the vase we take it to a coin place (the grocery stores usually have them) and get cash that we can put towards something we want/need. Hope this helps!

  6. we have the frog thingy but the part that holds it up to the wall broke off so now it just sits in the tub which is part of the problem!!!!

    tonight the kids had a cup, a plastic duck and a plastic ball in the tub and had so much fun! who needs toys???

  7. jennifer barnes(CLC)

    We just use a bin with holes, you can buy them at The Dollar Tree, it has handles and square holes around the sides. We have 2, I put them outside of the tub with a towel under them to hold the water and then wash the towels. As for the toilets! My husband has OCD and anything standing around holding water and germs is a NO NO! Pour vinegar in, or lemon juice, they are natural germ killers, and use a sponge and your hand!! We try to go natural with the cleaners, Target Method brands also work great! Hey we wipes kids bottoms all day, why can’t we stick out hands in our own toilets!!!!!

  8. LOL. You puke in plastic bags??????? That totally entertains me. I agree, toilets are gross … but I had never considered vomitting elsewhere. Now I know.

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