4 years and 2 days old … & my little monkey

Well, we made it two days with the no thumb at bedtime rule.  I was so proud of him for taking the initiative with his thumb sucking.  He decided he would stop and he decided to not sleep with his monkey.  He was acting so big and so proud to be four.

Tonight after getting in jammies, praying and reading a few books I went to turn the light off and Cayden looked at me with a smurk in his eye.  He grinned and grabbed for his monkey.  He looked at me and said I want to suck my thumb tonight.  I reminded him of his pledge to stop after four and he giggled.  He told me he still wanted to suck his thumb.  I smiled really big and told him that it was okay if he wanted to.

He rolled over with the biggest smile on his face, rubbed his monkey’s ear and placed his thumb in his mouth.   So cute!

On other kids news today  ….

Deacon climbed out of his bed again this morning.  It is always so surprising to me because I assumed I would hear him fall, but I never do. He is so good at it.  He has a system for sure.  I put him back in his bed and told him to show me how he gets out of his bed.  He was so funny as he showed me.  I tried not to laugh, but he was so cute doing this.  He is so flexible and so daring.  Cayden would have never done this.

We moved Cayden to his big boy bed (toddler bed) at two because we had a new baby that needed a crib.  I am NOT ready for Deacon to go to the toddler bed.  He’ll be all over the place!!!



2 responses to “4 years and 2 days old … & my little monkey

  1. Hey! I got your response to my Creole speaking post..haha.
    The book that we are using is called Creole Made Easy.
    I have found it somewhat helpful, but there are a lot of words I’m learning that I will never use.
    So we must have been in Haiti at the same time!! When did you go? I traveled Jan 5th-12th. I was a part of a medical mission team that went to Halos Medical Clinic at Three Angels Orphanage.
    I pray your adoption process is going well. I am from Evansville, Indiana and we have 17 kids being adopted from Haiti into our city. OUR GOD IS SO AMAZING!
    While I am not adopting (would love to, but I’m not married, still in school and not financially capable) I love traveling to Haiti. I’ve been twice and I am spending this coming summer at an orphanage there to provide medical care to the children and surrounding community.
    I would love to hear more about your story!
    ~Ashly (ashrae1022@yahoo.com)

  2. jennifer barnes(CLC)

    Don’t sweat it!! It has taken me a long time to write anything to you, I’m just quiet and read and ponder! Truth be told both of my kids (Liam, 9 and Chloe 5) still sleep in the bed with me and Britt! I can only think that these are times that I should cherish. I know that later (16 maybe) that they are not still going to be having blankies and sleeping with momma! Enjoy it! Cuddle them! Let them feel safe! We won’t have these times forever! Did you know that most countries, besides us, have a family bed? By the way I am so proud of you and Aaron, you rock!!! And by the way tell Aaron he can’t be a hippie, he doesn’t stink or smell like patchouli!
    Peace and love,

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