last picture of 2007

Here’s the last picture of my boys from 2007.  Yes they are both holding baby dolls.  They like to pretend they are holding Story.  As of right now, Deacon is not allowed to hold her!


2 responses to “last picture of 2007

  1. Hi Jamie:)

    WELCOME HOME!!! I know you must be still walking on clouds after spending time with two of your children and now your journey takes a bit of a twist being reunited with two of your children:) How awesome it will be, how we will all rejoice to know all four of your children are snuggled in their beds in one home…..your family home!!! I will rejoice with you on that day and keep you in prayer until then!!!

    How happy your Sons will be to see you!!! Enjoy this precious time.

    Diane…..oh, Jamie, you did amazingly(is that a word?) while in Haiti…you did it, you met, held, rocked, loved your sweet Son and Daughter….remember the concerns, the fear….you walked right on through to the other side of it all….don’t you just love that and the Lord walking right ahead of you the whole time….thank you for allowing me to journey along with you, through you and your journey I have learned about the Rescue Center, about Haiti and about seeing the large, wide world differently each and every day…now, when I close my eyes I pray for orphans world wide….and truly do see a bigger world waiting….hopefully, by your journey one life, one family will be moved to the call of adoption.

  2. I love it! We have pictures of my sister holding kittens that same way.

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