Christmas cards …

So as many of you know I love getting Christmas cards.  I loved all the ones I got this year and I even received cards from random people because they read about my love.  Isn’t that amazing!

With all of our adoption stuff that was going on over the holiday’s we never got ours out.  We had a picture taken by Bush, and Aaron even designed a card.  Oh well, I’ll work on it when I get back ….

For now, head on over to Aaron’s blog to view the would be Christmas card that will now be Happy 2008, or Happy MLK day, or Happy Valentine’s Day, or whatever holiday is closest when I finally get it out!!!


3 responses to “Christmas cards …

  1. Praying for you! I had you on my mind tonight!

  2. those are very cool!

  3. Praying for your trip – especially the part with the cliff on one side. 🙂

    One year I sent “Happy Groundhog’s Day” cards! It was the best I could do.

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