room for more.

A few of you local friends have asked what I still need and what I have room for.  So, here are the things that I haven’t gotten any of that they asked for:

plastic pants

brown gravy mix


HP57 & HP 54 in for a HP PSC 1315

boxed cheese

sugar-free powdered drink mixes

blank receipt books (need to have at least 1 carbon copy behind)

And here are items that I only have a few of:


small flashlights to look in people’s mouths

scotch tabpe

gray duct tape

hand sanitizer


canned meat

So there you go.  I’m good to go on clothes and want to concentrate more on the needs of the Rescue Center and Clinic now.

Thanks guys!

3 responses to “room for more.

  1. Hey Jamie! I’m back! Thanks to everyone that send the B-day wishes they were great! BTW Lori’s B-day is today!

    Our old printer went down so they new ink numbers are 57 and 54 for HP Sorry we did not let you know before now.

  2. Hey Jamie! I’m reading a book right now that I think you might like. It’s a lot like Irresistable Revolution but its written by a guy who took 5 months “off life” to become homeless to live out what he talked about and to learn how to fully trust in God. It’s called Under the Overpass and its by Mike Yankoski. Just wanted to let you know about it. Praying for you and your upcoming trip to Haiti!

    -Leigh Anne

  3. We have some scotch tape, gum, and hand sanitizer so far. I’ll probably pick up a few more things tomorrow for you. We’re excited to get to help!

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