Student Life Tour 08

Spur has just recently played the second date on the Student Life tour.  I hear that it went great.  I honestly LOVE anything that Student Life puts on.  I love their camps and I love the tour too.  I’ve been before, and this year Spur is on it.

So …. if you are around these cities:

Birmingham, AL

Pensacola, FL

Dallas, TX

Memphis, TN

Houston, TX

Hattiesburg, MS

Atlanta, GA

CHarlotte, NC

Spartanburg, SC

Nashville, TN

then go and check the out.  Visit the Student Life Tour website for more information!


4 responses to “Student Life Tour 08

  1. Jamie,
    I do not have your email address but was wanting you to know we sent some stuff to your P.O.Box for your trip to Haiti. I am not really sure how PO Box’s work, but I wanted you to know that we sent something so you could get it before you leave! We hope the stuff will be helpful and not cause stress if you are already jammed packed with stuff to take! My email address is if you need it.
    We will be praying for you on your trip!

  2. One other thing, we LOVE our shirts! 🙂

  3. I love, LOVE Student Life for so many reasons, but one of the most important ones is that I have dear precious friends I met at camp – I love you guys!!! Can hardly wait for Tour in February!!!

  4. Wow — I need to check out the dates! I live right by hattiesburg!!!!

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