we have a climber …

Guess who showed up in my room this morning?  Yep that’s right … Little Boy!  He turned 2 in November and has been showing me lately how he can hike his foot up on the bed rail and this morning he must have succeeded in getting his whole body over the rail and down onto the floor.

The funny thing is I never heard a thing on the monitor and I was awake in bed while he was doing this.  He was so proud when he showed up upstairs next to my bed.

I’m not ready for him to be out of his crib.  He will be all over the place.  I just put him down for a nap and told him he would get in trouble if he climbed out.

Big Boy never climbed out of his crib, but we did have him in a toddler bed at his second birthday because we had a new baby in the house!

I was kinda hoping that Little Boy would make it a few more months until we moved to a new house and then we could set up the crib in the room for Story and get the bunkbeds going.  We’ll have to see how this all plays out now.

Just the other day I almost gave away our toddler bed … glad I held onto it because we might need it sooner than we thought.

Any helpful ideas on how to keep him in his crib for a little longer?


6 responses to “we have a climber …

  1. We made Ryan’s crib a fort. So he would want to stay in. Worked for only a little while so out he came. He was almost 3 though. Thankfully, pace is too short … if he tries he doesn’t get far because of those short legs 🙂 Good luck!

  2. They DO make those crib covers – he’d probably figure out how to take it off, though!! 🙂

    I would teach him to call you to come get him, and reward him when he does. Make a game of it at first – having him call to you over the monitor.
    He’ll learn that it pays off for him to call you since you’ll come right to him.

    That way he won’t be wondering about the house at night!!

  3. okay so maybe a fort.
    good thoughts Leah – BUT the key for me would be coming when he calls!!! Ha Ha! Since I like to sleep until I hear them on the monitor in the morning i usually don’t jump right up to get down there!!! 🙂

    Maybe I need to make my New Year’s Resolution to get up BEFORE the kids do every morning. I would get SO much more done!!!

  4. duct tape?

  5. We also have a climber and we worried about her going outside in the middle of the night or getting into the pantry and choking on something. We bought a “Crib Tent” (recommended by our behavioral therapist) that is designed to keep cats out of the crib. It worked really well until she figured out the zipper. We then put a shoe lace on the zipper and tied it to the side of the crib and she still hasn’t figured it out! She is 3 and still in the crib because it is the only way we can keep her safe at night.

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