fun with friends

Yesterday we headed over to Joey & Courtney’s for burgers. My friend Amy (who lives in TX and I’ve been friends with since 9th grade) and her hubby John are in town to visit them. All of our kids had so much fun playing together. The night ended with fireworks and that was fun! Big Boy was a little scared, but he stuck it out for the whole “show”!

Today Alison and Angeline came over with their kids and we had a great time. It is so good to hang out with other adoptive moms and other moms of children of color. It is good to be able to talk about adoption stuff and not have to sugar coat your words, because they know exactly what you mean and what you are going through. All of our children have been adopted domestically and we all have different stories. Seeing both of their little girls made me think about having a little girl. I’m so ready for Amos. He’s a boy and I know boys. BUT Story is a different story (ha ha!). I’m used to boys and I’m so excited about having a girl in the house!

How cute are these kids?



I love Rosa’s hair!

Doesn’t Big Boy look as though he’ll be a great big brother! Look at this picture – this is my family in a weird way – Rosa is a few months older than Little Boy and Norah is a few months older than Story – wow I’m going to have my hands full!


Every time I would hold Norah my thoughts would go to holding my Story for the first time in a few days! Baby Norah and her mommy brought over another box of goodies for Story! I think while I’m in Haiti I’ll have to change her clothes 10 times a day to see her in all the clothes we’re taking to the Rescue Center!img_0141.jpg

Here are the mom’s!

Thanks girls – I enjoyed myself so much!



2 responses to “fun with friends

  1. How funny!! I didn’t even think about the ages all being just about right to match Amos and Story. Wow! Just think…maybe by next Christmas, you’ll be trying to get four squirming kids to sit on a couch for a picture…and they’ll all be yours!! :o) I can’t wait for Amos and Story to be at future playdates! I had so much fun tonight!

  2. Before I read your comment about Cayden looking like such a good big brother to a sister, I was looking at the picture thinking the same thing. He’s going to be sooo sweet with a little girl! I remember how OVER protective Jared was when Molly was little. He let her have whatever she wanted even if she pulled his hair or hit him. He would get mad at me for not carrying her when she learned to walk. He is still a bit over protective, but got over letting her have her way when she was about 8! Cayden’s going to be awesome! I can’t wait!

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