Merry Christmas!

We had a fantastic Christmas day yesterday. We started with muffins and then it was off to opening presents. The kids had a great time and got great stuff. Big Boy’s favorite present of the day was his SpiderMan underwear that Nana and Pops got him. Believe it or not, he has been asking for this for a while now. His face was priceless when he opened it up!

All day yesterday I thought of Amos and Story. I wondered if they would be home by next Christmas. I am telling myself that they will, and so that makes me happy. I don’t want to think about the fact that there is a possibility that they won’t be home by next Christmas. I thought about how fun next Christmas will be with all of our four children gathered around the table for muffins and wondering what they will receive for Christmas. I wondered how crazy it would be with all the wrapping paper everywhere and new toys to put together.

I am so ready to meet these children and it is all I think about. I am also so ready to meet Licia and Lori. These ladies are so dear to me and I know that we will be friends with them forever.

A few reandom things for you:
* Next year every gift will be put together with batteries before being wrapped
* Today our friends Matt & Rachel are in town and we’re all getting together tonight just like old times!
* My kids got pillow cases, towels and underwear and were so happy!
* I still have not even printed out my Christmas cards. I’m going out of town over the weekend and have a full packed next week so we may be sending out “Happy MLK day” cards since that looks like the next holiday that I’ll be able to get something done by!!!

I hope that you had a fabulous Christmas day with friends and family. We had friends over and it was a great day of laughter and great food. My dressing turned out okay. I have some work to do to get it like Mimi’s, but it was tasty enough for me. I made enough that I can eat it every meal for the next 10 days!!!



3 responses to “Merry Christmas!

  1. Once upon a time I did Christmas cards, then I had children. So, for awhile we took a picture of the kids on Christmas morning and I put them in notes and mailed them to everyone that sent us a card thanking them for thinking of us during Christmas and wishing them a Happy New Year. Now, I don’t even get that done.

  2. i have been thinking of you a lot lately … can’t wait to see you with amos/story … glad your holiday was fun …. Christ has blessed us all so richly !!!

  3. Oh, the thought of you all being together next year…so awesome!

    One year when I didn’t get the Christmas cards out, I actually thought about addressing and sending them on April Fool’s~wouldn’t that be hilarious! Hee hee!

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