Remember how I told you Big Boy was Joseph in the preschool Christmas program? My friend Becca sent me this picture and I love it! Her son Eli was one of the wise men in the program. This proves that Joseph was a normal man like all of us … even at the birth of his son, and the Savior of the world he still had to take care of his business. He had something in his nose, and he went for it!



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  1. We should have shipped our Emma aka “Mary” up there and our families would have had the perfect night! She could have stood next to Big Boy strangling baby Jesus by the neck! Thanks for sharing the picture. Loved it!

  2. Jamie,

    I LOVE that picture! I didn’t get to see it from that angle since I was behind the risers, catching all the kids that got pushed off the back.

    Yours boys are so stinking cute!

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