baby girl names …

Okay I am so thankful to all of you for your excitement with the announcement of our new baby girl. As most of you read earlier I have always loved the name ESTHER for a little girl. I still love it so much, but am also not tied down to it. I want a name that Aaron and I both LOVE and he does like it, but we are both open to others. I don’t want to just pick a name right away. I like to think on it and go through lots of options and come to a conclusion after lots of thinking and praying.

So many of you played a part in the picking of Amos’ name. That was so much fun!

As you know we love to hear what you love and your opinions, but when it is all said and done we make the final decision!!! Ha Ha!!

Here are the first round of names. Knowing us we’ll probably find more to think on and more to tell you about, but for now here they are in no particular order:


We like different names and her middle name will probably be M, which is the name her parents have given her in Haiti.

Okay let me know …which ones do you like. Have any other opinions?


39 responses to “baby girl names …

  1. 1st choice… STORY
    2nd choice… JOSS

  2. Esther is my first choice, and Lola is my second. I don’t really care for Brody. i went to high school with a guy named Brody, and i think she’ll get teased really bad with that name…especially if there is a boy named Brody in her class. But that’s just my opinion šŸ™‚

  3. i like lola and joss is a close 2nd šŸ™‚

  4. I love them. I know a little girl named Story (sister’s name is Saylor)– so cute. The Brody thing is a cute idea, but I personally would want her name to be super-girly since she’s the only one. I think Joss is great and different and would give her a musical identity from the beginning. šŸ™‚ Lola is super-cute, too. Good luck. We’ve never had to name a girl. Cy would have been Caroline if he had been a girl– but I like Southern (say it like, “suth-uhn”) names. šŸ™‚

  5. I love Esther for her. I love the way it sounds and the meaning it has, as you explained in a previous post. Esther was my grandmother’s first name, so I might be partial to it.

  6. I LOVE the name Esther, Joss is my second choice. šŸ™‚

  7. i like ester a lot, but i stinkin LOVE story! sooooo cool!

  8. I am so excited for your whole family! šŸ™‚ I like Esther and then Joss. šŸ™‚

  9. Anything that begins with B.
    Brody or what about Brayden?

  10. STORY is my pick by far & going away!!

  11. is jimmie trying to make your kiddos alphabetical? ha! amos, b…?, cayden, deacon…

    sneaky jimmie…

  12. I’m game for anything that is not jane or sue or jennifer. I love anything different. Story would be my first choice and then…well, I don’t know, I like them all…you know me, boys names for girls are a go !

  13. I’ve ALWAYS loved the name Story! And I love Esther, too!


  14. I am still thinking into Esther. You made it seem so cool.

    If I were playing Jimmie’s game I would go with Bailey.

  15. I personally love Esther…a princess-y name…just gorgeous! šŸ™‚

  16. You guys are awesome! Thanks for all the votes!

    Kim – thanks for the input. Just to clarify, we are not taking anyone’s child from them. They placed their child with the rescue center and then we are adopting her – not taking her.

  17. I like Story … not heard that one before as a name! So cool! I also like Esther because of how you framed it. And I like Selah.

  18. ok, so Sara is yelling at me now!!! She wants me to comment – NOW!!! I couldn’t even finish reading – She LOVES the name Story and wants you to know that. (I like it too) Oh, the joys of daughters!!! You will love three boys and a girl, and whatever you call her, she will be a joy and delight. Just like my Sara is to us…..I’m SO EXCITED for you!!!!

  19. Hi Jamie,
    Am SOOOO happy for you guys!! She is beautiful…I love the name Story with Joss a close second:) I am so anxious to hear what you decide!!

  20. I think Esther Margda sounds perfect :0)

  21. I know it’s not in the running, but I would go for Magda Joss. I like the ring of it better than the other way around. šŸ™‚ Once again you have a name in the running that has a Dutch equivalent. In Dutch Joss would be pronounced “Yose”, ryhming with Rose. šŸ˜‰ Just FYI.

  22. How about if you are called by the GOD of the universe to sacrifically give her a hope, a future, a chance, a momma, a daddy, three amazing adorable brothers to love and protect her, and an unbelievable amount of unconditional love, you can name her whatever you dang well please. Any input you and Aaron extend to anyone is cake. I think is great that you are considering keeping Magada out of RESPECT (and the fact that it is a beautiful name)…but out of RESPECT for the two of you, it should be your choice and you do have the final say…like you said “haha!!!” Story is precious by the way.

  23. Esther, is a beautiful, and classic name. It’s my favorite! šŸ™‚

    p.s.–I stumbled across your husband’s blog on WordPress–and you two have such a beautiful, little family. Congratulations on your upcoming adoptions. I so admire what you are doing for these beautiful children! šŸ™‚

  24. I might be the minority vote here, but I don’t like the way Story sounds with Ivey after it. I like the name itself, just not with your last name. Too many “EE” sounds at the ends maybe? I don’t know, but the cadence seems off. But I LOVE Esther, and Joss is a great second choice. I also like Magda, either as a first or a middle name. And of course it’s your choice ultimately, but thanks for letting me play too.

  25. Oh, and I like Lola, but it kinda sounds like she might make her living jumping out of cakes or something.

  26. Kim – We are honoring her name her parents gave her. Her middle name is Margda – the name her parents in Haiti gave her. i’m not sure what else you want me to say about her name. we are honoring her past as well as sharing a new identity with her as she becomes a Haitian-American and a part of our family. i’ve got nothing nothing else to say about this, and refuse to argue about it.

    We are not exploiting poor parents. These children’s families have very valid reasons for placing thier children. You have NO CLUE of the circumstances behind them. We do. So, yes in this situation you are ignorant b/c you know nothing of these two children, their family in Haiti, or the road their parents took to getting to this situation. Amos has no family – you want us to leave him there to have NO FAMILY. ???

    Have you ever been to a third world country? Or Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere?

    We do suport people in need. We don’t just TAKE people’s kids as you seem to think. orphaned and abandoned children in Haiti have the lowest possible rate of survival. they either end up on the streets, or in child slavery. no parents or family members recieve any money from these adoptions…in fact, we’re doing both of these adoptions independently…and not working through any agencies. it sounds like your perception of adoption, how money is spent, and your thoughts on people’s motives are very skewed. i don’t feel that i need to justify every penny that we are spending on adoptions, but i think your perception that someone is making a profit off of these adoptions is ignorant and presumptious.

    i’m not sure how else to say this, Kim. we are not TAKING a CHILD from a family. these families have come to a conclusion that this is that last option of hope for their child (Margda)…OR their parents have DIED.

    again, i don’t have anything else to say about this…and i’m not sure there’s any other way to justify it to you. i simply think you are being way too presumptious about a situation you know NOTHING about. you don’t know the children, the family, the situation, the journey these children have been on. honestly, it frustrates me when people make these accusations and quick judgements. if you had seen the pictures of Dowensky when he was abandoned, near death, weighing 13 pounds at 9 months, there’s no way you can say we TOOK him from anyone. and to suggest such, is absolutely foolish.

    if you think we’re profiting, you’re sadly mistaken. honestly, i refuse to even respond to that comment…it’s one of the most ludicrous things i’ve ever heard.

    we’re adopting because there are children around the globe in need of hope, love, food, futures, and moms and dads. there are over 100 million orphans in the world. sadly, too many people are content with arguing over stuff like this instead of doing something about it.

  27. You guys are following the path that God has set your feet to. YOU GO GIRL!!! We need to remember that while we are doing what we can to change the world that we come into contact with, there will always people that are unreachable/unteachable. Until someone has walked in the shoes of an adoptive parent, or even that of a birth parent, they have no clue about the process or the lives that are touched through it. You know in your heart that what you are doing is what God has called you to do, regardless of what anyone else thinks or says. Rest and have peace in that assurance!!! And congrats on Lil Miss Lola (or Story…they both have my vote!!!) šŸ™‚

  28. Jamie,
    I’m with you girl. I’m so sorry that someone is using your beautiful site to make goofy, uneducated comments. I have also come across this very sentiment and similar comments. It really hurts me to hear them because I don’t want my daughter to hear them. All we can do is know our hearts and know that God calls us to adopt the orphan and love the poor. You are taking an incredible step out in faith. Rather than just “pray” these children will be okay, you and Aaron are making a commitment to give them a home full of love and hope. I stand with you in prayer. God is blessing you with the privilege to parent these children. Keeping looking forward to seeing those beautiful faces!


  29. Jamie,

    I can’t imagine why someone would come on your site and say all those “insensitive and uneducated” comments … Sister, the Father rejoices every time a child is adopted … I know your families heart and all you do help orphans, educated people on Haiti, and your adoption story has touched many hearts … I have so much to say right now that I am going to stop …

    I love ya girl … I VOTE JOSS ….

    Please call when you get a chance I would love to talk …

  30. suzanne mayernick (gwens friend)

    i am so proud of you! you’re response to “Kim” was to the point, and full of wisdom. Isn’t it neat how our sweet Saviour gives us grace, wisdom, and discernment as we go through the adoption process? He knows that there are going to be people on earth trying to discourage us daily….keep looking up! The feeling you have when you look into that sweet baby’s eyes….YOU are his (and her mother!! ) You’re just an instrument here on earth that the Lord is using for one of the dearest things to His heart!! Scripture tells us time and time again how adoption is SIGNIFICANT in the Lords eyes! Keep on loving those babies sweet sister….if it werent for you, they might not ever know Christs’ love. Now they will feel it on a daily basis through you. Stay STRONG!!!

  31. I like Esther best. When I saw Story, I thought of the M. Night Shyamalan film Lady in the Water and when I saw Joss, I thought of Joss Whedon.

    I do think Lola is pretty cute. But Esther is the best.

    Also, just to add to the name thing, I’m not an adoptive parent, but I thought giving the child a new name was part of the bonding process for adoptive parents with their new child? I think it is actually very important to change the name. Keeping her original middle name (is it Magda or Margda?) is a lovely idea, but I agree with you and actually symbolically find it beautiful to change her first name. Just wanted to throw that out. I’m so glad that you can adopt and give a loving home to these children. I’m sorry that some people don’t see value in it.

  32. Amy – thanks for your opinion. It is so funny how we all think of different things when we hear names!! I do love hearing what people say though!

    At our house here is how it looks:
    Jamie’s favorite: #1 Esther #2 Story
    Aaron’s favorite: #1 Story #2 Esther

    I like Lola – he doesn’t. He likes Joss – I don’t. Neither of us have thought much about Brody again.

    The kids love STORY!

    Her given name is MARGDA – they don’t pronounce the R – so most times I just write MAGDA but sometimes I write it the other way. I know it’s confusing. Sorry! šŸ™‚

    We have chosen all four of our children’s names and feel that it is a part of them joining our family and becoming an IVEY. Thanks for understanding.

  33. kim,

    i suggest that you take a step back and reevaluate before you throw accusations of “plucking” children out of misery and leaving the rest to struggle.

    yes, the ivey family has a heart for orphaned children… especially amos and this precious little girl in haiti. do you realize that haiti is a place where 50% of all children die before they reach the age of 15? aaron and jamie are NOT taking this baby girl from her mother… her mother cannot support her and has willingly given her to the center to be placed for adoption. margda’s mother has chosen what she believes to be best for her daughter.

    aaron and jamie ALSO have a heart for making a difference in the country… it takes all of us coming together and passionately seeking ways to make a difference in the lives and communities of those who do actually live in haiti on a day-by-day basis. the iveys are teaming up with others who are making a difference there. go see what we’re talking about and, hopefully, you’ll understand that this is NOT about aaron or jamie at all. it’s actually quite the opposite.

  34. honestly kim, do you have nothing better to do than attack a family fulfilling God’s will for their lives? if you aren’t called to adopt, don’t. but the iveys are giving beautiful children a forever family. they are giving not taking. i don’t know anything about either of these childrens’ birthparents, but i know that adoption has brought hope and love to these precious little ones, that would not be present otherwise. i realize some people don’t agree with or support adoption, but that doesn’t mean they have to malign those who do.

  35. Its funny to me that people get mad at “The Church” or “christians” for not doing anything and then when we do start to do something we get shot down for it. Its a no win situation. I do not agree with self gloating but thank freaking God somebody is doing something for these orphans (who don’t have parents!!!) We don’t do this for personal gain or other’s approval- we do it because we are compelled. Maybe its not us but God that people are mad at.

  36. Well if you have been watching this unfold you know that I have deleted a few comments. I never want my site to be one where I only allow the comments that I agree with to get posted. I’m all about discussions and different view points, and that is why I let the four comments from her that I didn’t agree with stay on.

    However today I felt as though the comments were getting out of hand and hurtful.

    This posting was about picking names for our new daughter. IF you want to argue about adoption this is not the place for it. There are many adoption forums out there that would welcome the controversy. It is not welcome here. I will not waste any more time on this discussion through this blog or through email.

    Thanks for understanding. Sorry to also make my blog where I have to approve all comments first, but that’s what happens when this happens.

  37. Jamie,

    Congratulations on your two newest additions! I know you’ll be so eager to have them home. I saw you for a split second at the airport when Gwen came home, but didn’t have a chance to chat with you.

    Kimber Graves

  38. Gosh, I can’t believe that people would be so hurtful. I didn’t understand what in the last week would have gotten someone so riled up … from your two posts earlier today. Then I scrolled through allt he comments seeing what names people chose (Story and Esther seem to be at the top šŸ™‚ ). It is just sad that someone would choose to come here, then choose to comment when what you are doing is a BEAUTIFUL thing. I look forward to the day when God brings our child into our life through adoption. I’m sorry that you guys are having to take a beating verbally from some random site visitor. It’s sad that hurting people have to bring others down to feel better themselves.

  39. You know, every time we are in the midst of God’s perfect will and surrender to His plan satan will come in and throw us a curve ball. That’s just the kind of jerk he is. Don’t listen to the negative, that does not come from God. Listen instead to His sweet whisper. You are a very strong woman and all 4 of your children will be blessed through your strength.

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