stupid adoption comment

So, this weekend I was at a football game and had one of the most stupid comments about adoption said to me.

I was explaining to this man (in his 40’s) that I have three boys. Two at home and one in Haiti that we are adopting. He looked at me with a weird look in his face and said to me …. “are you just very religious or just a good person?”

WOW! As if you can’t be both. As if only religious people adopt. As if I’m a better person than others b/c I adopt.

What a weirdo. He then would introduce me to anyone new as “jamie – the girl who wants to save the world”.

I think he was mocking me.


13 responses to “stupid adoption comment

  1. Some people just don’t get it. Unfortunately, he probably has no idea how stupid he really is. Keep up your willing spirit πŸ™‚

  2. I’m gritting my teeth with you. Oh no, wait, “aren’t you being too sensitive? He was just trying to support you.” Sorry, that’s what they say on MY blog. πŸ˜‰

  3. and you left him standing? : )

    apparently the guy lives in a very small world. a very sad small world.

  4. You could say, I don’t want to save the world, I just want to change it one child at a time. Don’t let that nut steal your joy!!!

  5. *rolls eyes*

    what an idiot!

  6. Crazy. I really think sometimes people just need to have something to say…closure of the mouth would be fine.

  7. What a JERK!!!!!
    Once, somebody in my on extended family asked me why we thought the need to go and adopt from another country when there are so many kids in this country who need a family and did we not care about them?!?! What the heck? What does it matter?? A child who needs a family is a child who needs a family, right?!?! Sorry to get off on a rant! This just reminded me of that incident.

  8. Unfortunately there are people that have such small minds that they can’t fathom or understand why others think for themselves and seek the desires of their heart.


  9. I would have looked him dead in the eye and said “yes” with a serious, straight face. Then, in a perfect world, would have had some witty comeback that I still can’t think of at this time. I like to respond to stupidity with sarcasm. The offender ususally doesn’t understand the joke on my part and that makes it even funnier!

  10. At these times I wish for a moment time could stand still and I could come up with something to say. Something that answers the person in a way that is respectful but challenging about the way they are choosing to live their lives.Confronting the need in them to mock my life because they aren’t living in a way that is ALIVE!!
    Keep on girl people need to hear and see you LIVE!! There are toomany dead people up in this world.

  11. I can’t believe he introduced you like that.

    Hi, I’m Jamie, the woman who wants to save the world…
    And this is “Bob,” who unfortunately won’t be here to see it.

  12. That is crazy! I know alot of people that adopt that aren’t believers and many believer’s that won’t ever adopt. Wierd perspecive, but not surprising in our culture!

  13. Hi Jamie – You have a big dream. Own making the world a better place AND that you have faith AND that you are a good person. All are great! The guy at the football game will remember you and maybe consider why his dreams are so small. His reaction was about your personal power, not about adoption. You go!

    We have many parenting teleseminars coming up, including several on issues around adoption, so check out and join us!

    Wishing you well –
    Maggie Macaulay, MS Ed

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