booked my flight!

I just booked tickets today! I’m going to meet my son face to face in January! Praise God! I’m so happy I could cry thinking about it. I have a lot of emotions about this trip. So extremely happy, but yet scared and apprehensive too. I’ll be traveling alone and that kinda scares me. I’ll worry a lot about something happening to me and make myself sick on the plane. I am a worry person, so if you need something to pray for me about, go ahead and add that to your list now for January! BUT I would go through all the worry and all that anxiety and all that stress to get to spend one day with Amos. I will have six days with him! You have no idea how this makes me feel. I can’t wait to meet Licia, Lori and all the ladies and men that work there. I can’t wait to meet Amos’ friends and see how the clinic and center run. I’m so excited!


4 responses to “booked my flight!

  1. How exciting!! I can feel all your momma emotion coming through your post. I am sure (I included) there are many of us who would love to come down with you. I can’t wait to see you with your arms around Amos!!


  2. YEA! I can’t wait to hear all about it. Six days… that will be awesome. I know you’ll miss your other three boys, though, and I bet that will be hard. I’m so excited for you. What a great week for you and Amos!!!!!

  3. Im so happy for you Jamie! Praise God!!

  4. Remind me not to read your blog at work anymore. I’m sitting at my desk with tears running down my face. I’m so excited!! I’m so jealous!

    Take me with you!!!

    Love you!

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