video of our sweet boy

I have just spent the last 30 minutes crying my eyes out and watching a video of my sweet boy Amos that the ladies at the RC made. I was about to go to bed and I checked my bloglines and there was a new blog that Lori had put up. Her blog was nothing out of the ordinary. Impetigo pics, roach in the ear of a girl, skin infections, an HIV patient, lots of rain, and then there it was …. my little boy. Then under the picture of him was a link to click on if you want to see a video of _______(insert son’s name). WHAT? I nearly freaked out right there. I clicked not sure what I would find. It was glorious.

When it started I started bawling and cried through the whole thing. The UGLY cry where you can’t stop and your nose is running and you are close to hyperventilating! I called Aaron and he freaked out because he had no idea why I was hysterical and then I told him and we watched together and I cried and cried and cried.

I will watch this another 30 times tonight before I go to bed and then probably every day until I get part 2 (because the beginning of the video does say part one!!!)

We are so blessed to have the updates that we receive. Lori and Licia are rocking our world. The way they supply us with pictures and information on our boy is unbelievable and now a video. I’m amazed and still crying.

So, enough of my rambling … here is the video!

{had to delete video for privacy reasons}

He is wearing the clothes we sent, looking at our pictures, and playing with the toys we sent too. I have got to get down to see him soon. This video has done my soul well tonight and I’m going to bed praising GOD for technology and for Licia, Lori and everyone else that had a hand in this video.


23 responses to “video of our sweet boy

  1. THAT is absolutely precious! What a priceless gift! He is gorgeous! Enjoy!


  2. WOW!!! That brings so much joy to my heart tonight! I can’t wait to meet the little guy!!

  3. what a sweet sweet gift!!! He is just precious- and it looks like they were digging the music 🙂

  4. Oh I cried when he kissed your picture and said Mama and Popa! how sweet that is! I can’t imagine how you guys felt watching that if I cried! 🙂 He is very precious!

  5. i am walking out to church with a new spirit … i just cried at Amos saying mama! .. what a priceless gift !!!

  6. oh jamie he knows his name. when she said “amos” and he looked up – i just wept! this is so wonderful. what a way to start my day!

  7. this was so sweet! It made me cry just thinking about God’s goodness towards His kids. He has called us by a new name & lavishes His love on us. This made me think of our Bella–wondering where she is today & wishing I could see her & kiss her! Love you guys–thanks for sharing–it brought joy to my heart!

  8. i had just done my face this morning before i watched it and I cried.
    now i’ve gotta go redo my face!
    what an incredible gift to have this sweet footage of him!
    we are so excited for you guys!!
    thanks for sharing with all of us…so that we too might be a part of your journey!

  9. Jamie–that was the sweetest thing, he is absolutely beautiful! No wonder you were crying, it was all I could do not to. I can not wait to meet Amos and love on him in person. -Laura

  10. I am in amazement…I wonder if Amos knows that is his Papa singing in the backround? They were so cute. Amos is amazing…I totally understand why you cried and had I gotten your text last night, I would have woken out of a deep sleep to be able to see that sweet boy! We love him so much!! I can’t wait to show the twins when they get up from their naps!!!!

  11. How amazing!!! my heart just melted — I can only imagine how you felt!! He is so precious and loved those kisses and was looking at the pics so happy of his family — just priceless!

  12. jamie and aaron i can’t believe this video you put on the website it is the most precious thing i have ever seen i can’t wait to see amos in person i love you guys

  13. Ashley McWhorter

    It was simply beautiful, Jamie!!!!! How precious Amos is. I love that he is going to LOVE kissing you all non-stop. :o) Thank you so much for sharing. Can’t wait to see part two. Blessings!!!


  14. He will be sooooooo worth the wait!!! I pray he comes so soon!!! I am so in love with this precious boy!!! I pray all the harder, for all of you to be together so soon. much love to you as you wait……

  15. Jamie this is SO awesome! How precious that he already know the new name that you guys have given him and is learning your names and what you look like. It brought tears to my eyes! 🙂

  16. OH Jamie, he is precious. I can’t wait until ya’ll get to bring him home. How neat that he is already getting to “meet” his new family through pictures and what not. Ya’ll need to make a video to send to him of his family- then he can watch ya’ll for real. Doesn’t technology make our world so small, its great. Praying that God’s provision is enourmous for this adoption and that he gets to ya’ll soon.

  17. What a wonderful surprise!!! He is such a loving, affectionate boy! I was doing good until he kissed your picture. Then I lost it. I’m amazed how much they are working with him to get to know who his family is! That’s wonderful!

    Praying you get to meet him soon!

  18. Jamie,
    What a precious gift!! When he kissed your picture and said “mama”…PRICELESS!!! Can’t wait to meet him:)

  19. Whoa…. I’m still wiping my eyes. What a gift. Dave and I are so excited for you guys and think of you during this process often. Thanks for sharing your life Thanks for engaging in what life is all about. What a journey! A fabulous journey.

  20. I am bawling like a little baby. I can’t even imagine how bad you want to get one of those sweet kisses from your little guy. He is absolutely precious.

  21. Wow! This brought me to tears. I can only imagine how much joy this brought your heart! I’m sure he’ll soon be smothering you with kisses too! 🙂 How cool that the woman at the agency is sharing your family pics and preparing him for the first time he meets his mommy, daddy and brothers! God is so good!

  22. Jamie,
    Thanks for sharing the video. I cried as I watched it. I am so excited for you that you are able to see Amos while you are waiting for him to come home.

  23. I’m doing the ugly cry right now too. How amazing that you can see him this way. this must be kind of strange to him but so exciting that the same time. Ugh, I need a kleenex.

    btw, I’m Leah, I read your husband’s blog…I didn’t realize you had one too!!

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