I got a great email from Licia tonight about our little boy’s new name – Amos. I’m going to just copy what she said because it is so funny and so wonderful. Funny how the ladies are saying his name, and wonderful with how she tells us once again that he is changing in his day to day life since we have chosen to adopt him. Here is her email …..

Yes we did see his new name. Its great! I have been having the ladies practice saying it but its hard to say how we “americans” would say it. When they see it written and then say it in their “tounge” it sould like a-moose. THe ladies laughed like crazy trying to repeat it after me. They are doing much better today and we are all driving him (Amos) crazy as we keep calling him by that name. I know he is thinking these people are nuts. But he is already begining to look at the person that is calling him by his name. I tell you guys that the change in him is amazing. God is so great. It really does just seem like he has a reason to live and a dream he is going after. God ways are always perfect and I know He is in control of this whole situation. IT is just awsome to see HIm moving in this way when you all have never met face to face.

So, there you have it. I love this boy. I love his care givers. I love Licia. I love how God is working in his life.


2 responses to “A-moose

  1. Amos was my favorite. 🙂

  2. I love how he is being called by his new name even before you can come to get him. I wonder if God is calling us by our new names now, before He comes to get us? (Rev. 2:17) Am I living as His beloved adoptive child today?! I love that Amos’ life is changing, even before you have him home – He has such a great future in store for him! I’m so joyful on your behalf!

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