Today we sent off two important pieces of paper concerning our adoption.

Paper #1 was our I600-A form. This is a petition to the US Citizenship and Immigration services. The form is an application for advance processing of orphan petition. All that to say that this form qualifies us as an adoptive family after it is approved. From what I understand, they will then send us appointments for our fingerprints.

Paper #2 was our formal application for our facilitator. This is our facilitator in Haiti. I’m excited to be working with her.

So, we are moving right along. We’re having our first meeting for our home study next Monday. I have recieved 2 out of 4 birth certificates and have about half of the documents notarized and signed for our dossier. Soon we will start sending all of our documents to a translator so that they can be translated to French! Fun!

A HUGE thanks to everyone that has given stuff to our garage sale, had their car washed, or just sent us a donation. We are humbled by each donation and thankful for everyone that is taking part of helping us bring our son home from Haiti.

Just a reminder – we’ll be having our second car wash this weekend from 11-3. It’ll be in front of Sports Comm on Memorial. Come out and have your car washed!


4 responses to “I600-A

  1. WHOO HOO!! That is so awesome! 🙂 I’m excited for you guys!!!!!

  2. Congrats on the hurdles you are crossing in the paperchase. You will be getting Dowensky before you know it!

  3. You guys are doing awesome getting paperwork done- way to go… I am praying that the problems in Haiti get smoothed out so Haitian adoptions will go a little quicker. We saw Stevenson’s picture a year ago last week- our paperwork has now been in Haiti for over a year- our dossier was done before we even received our referral- it has already been too long! I want to hold my boy.

  4. Congratulations!!!!

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