August Favorite pictures

August was a great month. We had LOTS of family time since Aaron was home for about 4 weeks from July to August. We loved every minute of it and are such family oriented people, especially if daddy is home to hang out!

So, here they are …..

Daddy and Little Boy – LOVE this picture!

First day of School – How cute are they? Little Boy now has a new backpack and I’ll have to get a pic of that soon and show you. It is a cow from PotteryBarn Kids!

Aaron holding baby Norah and my boys loving on her. I love to see Aaron hold babies. I think I maybe saw him hold one baby before we had our own. He is not a big baby man, so when I see him holding them I know he must really like them!

This is not even that good of a picture of my boys, but I love this picture because of how Big Boy is holding Little Boy. They truly do love each other and I think this picture captures that.

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