Yesterday at our garage sale it was fun to see people’s reactions when they heard we were raising money for our adoption.  They would always ask where we were adopting from.  After they heard Haiti, some people asked more questions and some just left it at that.  A few asked me why we would go out of the country when there are so many babies here that need homes.  I told them that that was a valid question, but we are adopting from Haiti because we feel God has led us there.  We feel as though our child that God pre-destined to be in our family before the begining of time is in Haiti.  I also shared with them that our youngest son was adopted and he was born in Texas.  You see, we don’t think that either domestic or international adoption is better.  We feel that you should go where God leads you.  That is always a good place to go.

I get so bothered when people claim that adoption is a fad right now, and that people are only adopting because Angelina Jolie did.  I feel as though people are awakening to what God has intended them to do all along.  I hope that more people will be open to the idea of adoption.  If more people were educated and aware of the problem, we could help eliminate the children in foster care that are waiting for parents, and the millions of orphans around the world that have lost one or both parent to disease and or famine.

So, I am proud to say that we are adopting from Haiti because God has led us there and I look forward to seeing him bring it all together in his perfect timing.

9 responses to “Adoption

  1. I love this post. It is truly heartfelt and I appreciate your openess.

  2. I love the word “awakening.” I agree that this is not a fad. This is the way our families were before we were ever born.

  3. amen … when people hear that we may be going to Ethiopia after Maggie is home from China they ask “Are you trying to beat Angelina Jolie” … It does make me a little sad for them because they obviously don’t understand the calling of adoption …. how can anyone say that the blessing of adding a child to your family(one that was always meant to be there before the beginning of time) is a fad !!!!! i don’t plan on missing any blessings in regards to where God calls us to adopt … can’t wait to see how God uses your story to enrich and educate others …. love ya !!!

  4. We packed a box tonight for Haiti. It will go in the mail tomorrow. Maybe Dowensky will get some of the stuff we sent 🙂 Hope it helps them. The Kids had a blast packing the box!

  5. hey…

    we want to help you guys out by having a car wash or something here in Houston. what do you think? we don’t want to overstep our bounds we are just willing to help in whatever way.

    i know of a lot of people who would love to jump in and help washing cars…

  6. This whole “fad” thing just fires me up. Are people nuts? You get so many questions, especially when you adopt a child of another race that so obviously comes out of ignorance. Use these times, as best you can, to educate. Some people with understand, but unfortunately, more often than not, telling them that God “led us to China” makes no sense to them whatsoever. You will likely face the same thing. Like Gwen, it saddens me to think that people are close minded enough to miss out on the blessing of adoption. Besides, if I was doing it because it was the in thing to do, I would have chosen something much easier – perhaps a nice inground pool – the wait is much shorter, costs about the same, no emotional attachment, and you don’t have to send it to college. Just a fad, yeah, that makes perfect sense.


  7. Amy – you cracked me up with the inground pool thing!

    You are so right about educating people. I feel like I do that all the time about domestic adoption. People are always saying they could never adopt here because they would always fear that the mom would come back and steal her baby. That is just not reality and so I try to explain that to them. People just have so many preconceived notions that it is hard to break them sometimes.

    Sadly I must admit though that I didn’t know all the FACTS about adoption until I was immersed it completely. It is all about education!

    Thanks for all your comments girls!

  8. Preach it girl!!
    The Lord has been working in our hearts about adoption and he began by showing me that the Spirit of Adoption orginated from Him! Romans 8
    I lov ehearing about your journey’s into the heart of God. Praise God as well about the money you raised for the adoption.

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