baby names – you pick!

Okay I’m calling all readers to leave me some sort of comment on this one. I know that there are many of you that read and never comment. This is where I need you the most. Your comment can be only one word if you like and that will be just fine!

We’re trying to decide favorite names for our new son. We have truly grown to LOVE the name D and it will for sure be his middle name, but we think he needs a new name for a new start. We’re really not asking for your opinion on changing his name, b/c we’ve already been down that road and gone back and forth way to many times and we have made a decision on this.

So, here they are in no particular order:


That is all that I could think of last night that I like, and if you are wondering I do have a 100% favorite, but I’m not telling yet. If you know what my favorite is, don’t give it away to anyone. If you have a suggestion, throw that in there too – we like different names though, so no Paul, Michael or Jason.

We will take your opinions into consideration but they will in no way determine the name of our child. If any of you have been around long enough, you know that in the name vote for Little Boy, we did NOT go with the majority and I LOVE his name and it is perfect for him. All that to say …. YES your opinion counts, but NO your opinion doesn’t count!!!!


45 responses to “baby names – you pick!

  1. ryland or abram. love them both.

  2. I like Ryland Dowensky … can’t wait to hear what you choose.

  3. Yes – I’m one of those who read your blog, but never comment! You caught me! I remember you from when you first started at FBC Smyrna. Robert & I were teaching the young married class and tried to get you to come in to class by yourself! And then we moved away. But I found your blog through Becca’s months ago and have been reading it ever since.

    Some good name choices there! I don’t know that I have a favorite, but I think the 1 syllable names do not go well with your other 2 boys names. The 2 syllable names seem to fit right into your family, especially Easton, Grayson, Mason, and Weston. Just one person’s opinion! Can’t wait to hear the chosen name!

  4. I like Jace because I never heard it before but my favorite is Jax!


  5. I like the way Jax sounds with your last name, so I think that is my first favorite. But since the other boys have two syllable names that end in an “n” sound, I will pick Weston. That way, you would have an “AY” sound, an “EE” sound and an “EH” sound and no one’s name sounds too similar. 🙂

    But I am sure whatever you choose will be fabulous!

  6. I like Easton Dowensky Ivey.

  7. i like ryland…i think it suits the little man!

  8. I like Ryland and Easton. Ryland is so different, I love different names as well!!! SO far, you have done pretty ok in the naming of your children, 😉

  9. I love them all, but my favorites for him are Ryland & Grayson. Love you guys 🙂

  10. I love all of those names… but for some reason I think he looks like an Abram….

  11. I like Grayson. 🙂

  12. Ooooh, I like all these names!! Of course I love Grayson! : ) and shorten it to Gray. But I LOVE Jace & Jax, too!!!!


  13. i would agree that little boy’s name is PERFECT for him! i can’t imagine him being anything else.

    i really love J names, so i really like Jax! you can’t have that name and NOT be cool! : )…in fact, our next baby will be a J name if it’s a boy

  14. I love Ryland! However I have been staring at his picture calling him everyone of those names and I think Weston could be a really cool name for him.

  15. Ashley McWhorter

    I love Jace and Easton!!!

  16. Alright Ivey’s…I’d be willing to part with this one for you guys…though I’m holding out for my little boy this time. Mel won’t go for it anyway, but I like it.


    Mel’s mom says “Tim, you’re in ministry, he’ll never have any cash, so it doesn’t really fit.” All I’m saying is when he walks in a room and introduces himself…look out.

    Other possibilities…


    Bill…oh sorry.

  17. I really like Jax.

    Can’t wait to see what you choose.


  18. I’m digging Easton! I think it’s a really cool name! 🙂

  19. I like Mason. It seemed to sound best with your last name.

  20. I like Jax. You could name him Jaxin and call him Jax. I like Ryland, Mason, and Weston as well.

    You sure you don’t want Osnel or Bendy? Maybe Mackinson. (Those are all kids I know in Haiti) Louis?? 🙂 I just googled French names for boys. I like Louis!

    Or Abram…I like that. We could call him Abe! 🙂

    Name him Melvin. yeah I’m rambling!

  21. Ryland and Jax are my favorites. Before we decided on a little girl, we knew that Jax would be the option if we got a little boy..and spelled just like that…ask Hannah and Clay…that is so funny!

  22. I love the name Grayson, in fact that’s the name I would have picked for our little guy if it didn’t clash with the last name.

  23. melvin’s a winner!!! or maybe lionel?

  24. I’m partial to Jace and Jax from your list. But what do you think of Simon? I’ve always loved that name and you don’t hear it very often. And then when I looked it up, it is of Hebrew origin meaning obedient or listening. I thought that was pretty cool….you know, because you were listening when God set him before your heart and you’re being obedient to bring him into his God-chosen forever family. Okay, so yeah, I love Simon.

    Whichever you choose for him will be just perfect, though, I’m sure!

  25. I love the name Grayson and Jax, but I think he looks like a Miles. Ben was almost a Miles (after Miles Davis), but David wouldn’t go for it.

  26. I wouldn’t go with Grayson, because it could get shortened and then he would be Gray Ivey. I would think that gray ivy would be about to die. And Easton, “go trim the East Ivey.” Sorry, these are just popping into my head.

    Having 5 children with the oldest being 19, I have found that no matter what you name them, they end up with nicknames that you would never have thought of.

    Oh, I know a girl named Jace (pronounced J.C.) and a lady named Mason.

    Whatever you choose will be perfect and will fit just right.

  27. We had Grayson as one of our names for Jonah–I like it. We also had Silas that I really liked but was hesitant to actually name our kid that. Don’t ask why. I like different names, but that one seemed too different, but I really like it! Crazy how my mind works sometimes! I like Easton too! I just realized you have Easton and Weston on your list, what about Southon and Northon! Just kidding-I’m dumb! Oh, I really like Judah too.

  28. Hey- how did I not know about this sweet boy and your amazing new journey? I am so excited for you guys! Of course my favorite on your list of names is Miles, but I’m sort of partial b/c that’s one of my twins names! I love you guys! Keep me updated!

  29. great names!!! I think I like Easton and Grayson the best!!!!!

  30. of course Tim would recommend Cash, but I’m a fan of Miles and Jace.
    can’t wait to hear what the verdict is.

  31. I love Weston. It’s one of the names on my list if I ever had a boy. I also love Wesley. I tend to lean towards names that are a classic Little House on the Prairie names (hence my own Rosa Grace). There is something sweet and timeless about both those names. I think Weston Dowensky Ivey sounds like a good, strong name. I’m glad you are not feeling bad about giving him a new name. Rosa’s middle name is Mya, which was her given name by her BM. We wanted her to have it but still wanted her to have something from us as well. 🙂 Have fun deciding!!!

  32. I’d have to go with Weston

  33. I admit, I have bookmarked your page but I never comment! I went to Student Life in Ridgecrest, NC this year and I found your blog through Aarons. I love the name Ryland.

    Ryland Dowensky. It fits, no?

  34. Grayson

    I have always liked Ezra, too.

  35. I’m having a hard time with this…. I’m favoring Jax, I think. Cayden, Deacon, and Jax. nice. “Jax Dowensky Ivey, get in here and clean your room!” what do you think?
    Sara’s vote is Weston……
    love you- whatever you call him, he’ll be so welcomed and loved!

  36. How old is he? Very respectfully — I know that experts think that changing a child’s name after the age 2 really could be damaging to the child’s self-esteem. So if he’s 2 or older, I’d vote for sticking with Dowensky as his first name and use one of those as his middle name, truthfully.

    Otherwise — I don’t know. Those are all nice names.

  37. Dowensky is a really cool name!!

  38. Love Jace! That was one of my choices if we had had a boy! I like different names too and my husband’s name is jason, so I wanted to sort of honor him, but not do the whole “jr.” thing! I love that you are adopting again too! So proud! If it is alright, since I’ve been in a posting funk, I’d like to link to your pages and get some of these guys on board with your fundraising efforts!


  39. I read through them and my favorite was Jax Dowensky!!!
    LOVE it

  40. grayson is great!!! grayson dowensky ivey. i also have some other unique names like jethro, leo, jerome, jarvis, ross, and graham. just suggesting 🙂

  41. miles and abram are my favorites!

  42. Okay, I liked Grayson even back when you were naming Deacon. But…my favorite is Jaxon Dowensky Ivey. You can call him Jax Ivey. I love Grayson, and it was my favorite, but then I thought, what if people call him Gray Ivey. I don’t like that as much. Oh well, I’m going to call him D.W. anyway. hehe.
    love you

  43. How funny! I just read this and realized that we didn’t pick any of these names!


  44. Hi, I am in the same position, with a boy and girl waiting for me in Haiti! My boy’s name is Merlo, and I don’t know whether to change it or not. Such a big decision. Good luck!

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