lack of sleep

Last night I could not sleep. I tossed and turned and could not get images that I had viewed for hours out of my head. You see, I follow a few blogs from people in Haiti and for some reason last night was different. The images stuck. They woulnd’t leave. I couldn’t convince myself that they were hundereds of miles away and there was nothing I could do for them. My heart wouldn’t let my mind go there.
You see last night this image became real to me. Last night these children became real to me. They are real children with real problems in need of real people to love them. Many of these children are actual orphans where one of both of their parents has died and they now have no one.
I am pretty sure that Aaron and I have decided that we don’t need a bigger house or more money to love one of these kids. These kids need us way more than we need a bigger house!
I am wondering how many more sleepless nights I will have until one of them is granted a mommy, daddy, a cute dog, and two crazy brothers.


10 responses to “lack of sleep

  1. And lots of love from your friends…I’m ready…I’ve got lots of love in here!!!

  2. i’ve been reading the blog: haitinurse4life that i found on your sit. it moves me the same way. we filled out an application for adoption there and they are not accepting them b/c the govt is acting crazy, however, we can pray. it is really heartbreaking.

  3. Jamie- those sorts of pictures will haunt you forever I am sure! I can’t wait for my Haitian sweetie to be home… and we still have many many months to go- we got his picture- and our paperwork went to Haiti- almost one year ago… sigh….. I was laying in bed the other night- in the dark- and I got the weirdest feeling of Stevenson- coming over to my side of the bed to tell me something- ALL of our kids pass right by daddy’s side of the bed and head straight to mine. I just felt Stevenson there…. and then I realized he was still in Haiti- sleeping on a sheet on the floor at that very moment- no pillow- no blanket- my arms ache to hold him….. I look forward to following your journey!

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  5. wow, that image will move anyone. I too have read the Haiti blog from your site… I will pray for you on your journey….you and Aaron have amazing hearts.

  6. wow, that image will move anyone. what do you say to that? words can barely describe the ache in my heart when I see pictures like that. I weeped for nights after watching “Invisible Children” Moved me beyond words and stole many nights of sleep from me, but I took advantage of those nights to PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for the children (and adults taking care of them)… I will pray for you on your journey….you and Aaron have amazing hearts.

  7. i feel sick…i wish it was easy just to go scoop them up and bring them home to live with us. i know its much more complicated than that.
    thanks for sharing…it is a reminder of what is important in life and who i should be praying for.

  8. we were drawn to Haiti when we first started the adoption process as well. however, we do not meet the current age requirements, so we had to re-think our plans.

    thanks for the reminder to pray for these precious children. they need so badly to have families to love on them!

  9. Wow Jaime, I’m really moved too. I’ll be praying for you guys about this.

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