my baby boys are gone.

Recently Aaron cut his hair short again. He does this quite often and I love it. The next morning after he cut his hair Big boy was in awe of his new hair do and couldn’t stop asking for his own new hair do. I DID NOT want to cut his hair, so we dropped it and Aaron went out of town and I was hoping he would forget.

Oh no. The very first thing he said to Aaron when he got home was “can I get my hair cut like yours daddy?”!!! No lie it was the FIRST thing he said. We tried to drop it but it would not drop. Finally we decided this would be our first time to use our parenting plan … PRINCIPLE over PREFERENCE. For us, principle will be more important than our preference. It was our preference that he NOT cut his hair but it was against none of our principles that we choose to follow as Christians! So, we gave in and he got his hair cut. Now you know that Little Boy could not be out of the action and had to do whatever his big brother was doing.

So the other night we all gathered around the patio outside the buzzing sound of the clippers began. Here are the pictures to prove it:
Big Boy before:
Big Boy during:
Little Boy before:
My boys after:

My babies don’t look like babies anymore. I know that this will shock some of you and it’s okay if you don’t like it. Believe me it is taking some getting used to. If you could have seen Big Boy’s face when he first saw it you would know it was worth it. He looked like the happiest kid in the world!


14 responses to “my baby boys are gone.

  1. what handsome young men…wow, they look so grown up with their hair gone!!

  2. Sweet! They look adorable. Take advantage of the fact that they want to be like their Daddy and may it compel Aaron to continue living ike a godly Daddy that’s worth following. Just for the record, I like the haircut!!! 🙂

  3. I remember when we cut Ryan’s hair for the first time … he was only 7 1/2 months old. Too many people thought he was a girl so we finally cut it. I cried! your boys are both precious! It’ is funny how short hair make them look so much older isn’t it?

  4. I admit to GASPING the first time I saw the picture on Aaron’s blog. Not because of anything bad, they are gorgeous! I was just surprised! 🙂 They are stunning young men!!!

  5. They are too cute!!

  6. Just think how much cooler they’ll be for the last bit of summer!

  7. jenkinsfamilyjournal

    I think they look so cute…. We, too, put off cutting our little man’s hair for a long time. I was so sad when we finally did it. He looked older too.

    It’s amazing how much Big Boy looks like his dad with the shorter hair.

  8. i love their haircuts–they are still by far the cutest little boys i know 🙂

  9. You’ll never forget that moment! Like I told you, I still remember when we cut Jared’s “mullet” at 4 years old! I cried when I saw him without his curls, but he too, was so proud to look like a big boy! I’ll never forget the look on his face! He’s 16 now, and if I tried to make him wear a mullet he’d KILL me, or I might kill myself! Now I’m just waiting for the day when he cuts those bangs! I’m sure he’ll cherish the look on my face this time! LOL.

  10. This is too fun!!! I do believe that big boy just might be a clone of his daddy- my goodness! Does he look a lot like A’s pictures when he was a little boy? And little boy aged like two years with that haircut- isn’t that amazing! Well he looks gorgeous with either hair cut!

  11. Love the haircuts! You’re right, they do look like big boys now! So sad and exciting all at the same time!

  12. I came here from Kohana’s blog. I haven’t seen pictures of your boys in a while. They are all so cute! I love the hair cuts.

  13. i know it was hard to see the hair go. I felt the same way when syd wanted her hair chopped this summer. I cut 7 inches of gorgeous hair off and she looks about 10 years older now.

  14. How precious those boys are! Your little men look adorable. And one mama to another they are your babies for as long as you call them by that name – my oldest is 13 and she is turns her head and comes running towards me at the word. All my babies do – all six of them. I have an addiction that’s all. I’m addicted to being their mama and I’m riding this wave for as long as I possibly can, which really is for eternity.

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