Fun with the Cosby’s


Today we had lunch at the Cosby’s house and they were so kind to get our their fun water slide for the kids to play on. The kids had a blast and I was so proud of Big Boy for not being afraid at all and going down all by himself lots and lots and lots! Little Boy wasn’t scared either and had so much fun too.

Tam let us play with her Canon Rebel XT 8 megapixel camera and Aaron and I got some great pics of the kids ….

Thanks Cosby’s!

Big Boy going down slide


10 responses to “Fun with the Cosby’s

  1. I am so laughing at those pictures! I love the one of the boys fighting over the lawn mower, hilarious!!!!! 🙂 Thanks for coming over, we had SUCH a great time with you guys!! 🙂

  2. your kiddos are so precious!

  3. these pictures are awesome!! who took them? they look professional! looks like a ton of fun!

  4. Those pictures are awesome! What kind of camera do you have? Looks like there was plenty of fun to be had!

  5. Great photos. Looks like a great Sunday. I prayed for you and your family this morning. Hope all is well and things are coming along with the house “selling” adventure. Keep in touch!

  6. great pictures. you captured their happiness.

  7. super fun water slide …. big boy looks like he is ready to go swimming again and perhaps get in the pool awhile this time ….

    hope summer is going well ….

  8. Great pictures! – poor D, someone is always left to do all the “work” while everyone else is playing. If he didn’t mow the lawn, who would???

  9. Love the pictures! Looks like you all had a blast!

  10. did you take these pictures jamie? they are SO great. love them.

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