Carson the new family member

We have added a member to our family today. His name is Carson and he is a Westie/Yorkie mix. He is adorable and everyone in our family loves him except Little Boy who still cries if he even looks at him! Carson is 8 weeks old and we’re guessing weighs about 5 lbs. We’ll be getting to the vet sometime this week hopefully so we’ll have all the stats on him to report to you soon.

We are now potty training him and having so much fun with him in the 3 hours that we’ve known him! Big Boy cried and cried at nap time because he wanted Carson to sleep with him. He doesn’t understand the magnitude of a puppy sleeping with you!

It was funny as we were taking Carson out to potty (which by the way he hasn’t yet since we’ve had him for 3 hours!) Aaron mentioned how it was funny because we are training 3 things – 2 kids and 1 dog! Ha Ha!

Of course my camera is still broken so I have no pictures to show you. Tamara got some this morning and will email them to me and then I’ll be sure and share with you all!


3 responses to “Carson the new family member

  1. Congrats on the new puppy. Ours is a Yorkie toy and we LOVE LOVE LOVE her. She is a bit hyper but she is so fun and the boys adore her. When we got her she was .9 pounds – yes not even a pound. She is now up to 4 and will not get any bigger. She is a lap dog and very loveable. Most yorkies become lap dogs from everything I’ve read. We love it and couldn’t imagine life without her.

    By the way .. not sure if there is a PetSmart near you but they have a vet inside called Banfield and if you have a puppy they have insurance … its $20 a month for the first year and all their shots and physicals are included in that. It was a great deal for us b/c we would have spent way more than that in shots and checkups and also in Spaying her. It worked well for us just FYI in case you want to check them out.

  2. Oh how adorable! Congratulations on the addition of your newest fuzzy baby. I do love how D keeps looking at the puppy- like- I don’t trust you little dog!

    Good luck with the potty training. Our new puppy is still not potty trained- this is the longest it has ever taken me to potty train a dog- I thought I was a pro- guess not!!

  3. Oh my, love that look that D is giving him. Good luck with potty training, it’s just like having a new baby! He’s really cute!!!

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