wedding pictures

Jimmie and Laura were married this weekend and it was fabulous. She looked absolutely beautiful and he was a proud, proud man.

Here are some pictures from the day. Enjoy!
The Spur girls and Jimmie

The girls before the wedding

Laura and kids

Mommy & Big Boy dancing the night away!

C & C dancing and Jimmie & Laura dancing too!

Mommy & Little Boy during ceremony


5 responses to “wedding pictures

  1. Everyone looks so happy and the pictures are very fun too!! I love weddings!

  2. You all look beautiful! That is the cutest thing to see Cayden dancing with that little girl (who is adorable, by the way), and what a great smile from you and Deacon in that last one! Thanks for sharing them. Tell the Bride and Groom they looked amazing!

  3. why the move ??? love the new look … can’t seem to get the pictures to work …

  4. Love your new blog! Great new pics! Looks like you are having a good and busy summer.

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