Everything Changes ….

Everything changes when you have kids. When tragedy strikes my mind goes directly to my kids. All of the people that were killed today in Virginia are someone’s kids. They have parents that are grieving tonight in a way that I pray I never have to experience.

As I was sitting in the boys room tonight getting them ready for bed we were listening to a SPUR cd and the song “wonderful cross” was going and tears started streaming down my face. I was not understanding while God allows all these BAD things to happen in this world. How can 32 people go about their normal day, not knowing that it was their last day on this earth, and have tragedy come upon their lives in their normal Monday morning. Crazy! Then my mind started thinking about the song that was playing in the room. The wonderful cross – The wonderful cross! Thank you Jesus for the hope that you have given us. The hope that this world is not our end. The confidence that you are still in charge when it seems as though no one is in charge. The strength to go on tomorrow even when we have a day like this.

Jesus, I ask that you comfort these families and loved ones tonight.


5 responses to “Everything Changes ….

  1. Adventures In Babywearing

    I know. All we can do now is pray, pray, pray. Yes. And be so thankful and hug our loved ones, too.


  2. I am with you. It is so sad. Hard to understand. We are not here to understand everything but instead to live faith through them. Hard. Beauty.

  3. amen sister !!!

  4. Jeff and Christy

    I have been constantly thinking about the students at Virginia Tech that woke up yesterday and had no idea what was going to happen to them!! It made me want to live everyday with my family like it is our last, because we really don’t know!!

    Miss you,

  5. Praying…wishing I could do something to help…

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