who is it?

You people are cracking me up! Three people today called Maris and asked her if she was pregnant because of my previous post about someone being pregnant! Ha Ha! Yes, I do wish Maris was pregnant, but it is not their time yet 🙂 …. Also, would I broadcast Maris & Steven’s news on here before she told anyone – NO! 🙂 I’ll let you know when I get the okay to tell. I already told a few people today and then they called tonight and said oh and by the way don’t tell anyone yet. I wish they would have told me that last night! I said um … well … okay … but I have already told a few … 5 …. or 6 people! I felt awful, but oh well …. I can’t contain my happiness for them.

3 responses to “who is it?

  1. Did I mention I was one of the people that called Maris? Ha! 🙂 You are killing me…did you tell the people you are killing all of us? Just curious if they know the torture we are all under…ha! 🙂 XOXOX

  2. haha, I am cracking up at your labels…. “maris, pregnant, secrets.” These 3 words sound like a good soap opera!!

  3. oh man i wanted to email maris too…
    good thing i didn’t.

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