running status

For the 5 people that read my blog I thought I would update you on my running status. As you may remember one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to run a half marathon. I am hoping to do the Country Music Marathon in April.

So, last week I ran 14 miles (more than I ran the whole month of Jan!) and that brought my total since Jan 1st up to 40.80 miles. 🙂 So far this week I’ve ran 10 and have three more to go before the end of the week. On Tuesday I ran 4 miles in 36:54, and today I ran 3 in 26:03.

For those of you that remember my complaining in January about how much I hated running and wondering if it would ever get better. Well, it is still SO hard, but it is getting better. I am enjoying my runs more often. Tonight I was only supposed to do 2, but was feeling good so I went one more.


3 responses to “running status

  1. girl! you’re doing a good job-keep it up! i’m so proud of you!

    do you realize that you’re the only one of us that kept the promise to run a marathon? remember when we said we were all going to do it? it was you, me, maris and someone else–i can’t remember who.

    i’m so proud of you that you’ve done it! you’ll be ready for the country music marathon in no time!

  2. I am so impressed! That is so awesome! 🙂 Oh, and Ginger, it wasn’t me, ha! I did work out this morning at 5:15am. YEAH ME! I am going to start going tuesday through Friday at 5:15am…wow!

  3. you actuallyhave 14 subscribers in Bloglines…. so you’re much more popular than you think!

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